Indigenous Resistance

Resistance and Indian Boarding Schools

Although the US government devised the Indian boarding school system to disassociate Native peoples from their communities and cultures, the students at these school created various methods to not just survive the oppressive experience, but come out the other end with a will to evoke positive change.

The History of the Jingle Dress Dance as a Protest Tactic

Indigenous people utilize the jingle dress dance tradition in contemporary protest movements to heal their communities and assert their sovereignty.

Rock Talk: Radio Free Alcatraz

“Radio Free Alcatraz” was a popular radio program broadcasted regularly during the occupation of Alcatraz which amplified diverse Native voices and shared information about the intentions, goals, and experiences of occupiers.

Native American Dancing and the Federal Dance Ban

Native Americans continued to dance after the U.S. government banned religious dancing, changing traditions over time and utilizing dance as a multidimensional tool.

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin

Marie Louis Bottineau Baldwin was an Indigenous Women’s Activist who worked in the Office of Indian Affairs in the early 1900’s.

Native American Voting Rights Coalition (NAVRC)

Founded in 2015, NAVRC set out to unify tribal resources towards collecting information concerning the obstacles that Native Americans face while participating in various political processes throughout the US.

What’s up, human nations?

In this radio show, I will connect the current COVID pandemic to the preceding Environmental Movements to save the Amazon Rainforest and the hostile, divisionist political climate in Brazil with the rise of far-right populist movements through the lenses of Indigenous digital militancy.